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A busy corner of the partner showcase at FTF India 2012 in Bangalore Aug 23-24 2012 ( IndiaTechOnline photo)
Freescale Technology Forum show cases Indian innovation in embedded space

Bangalore, August 24, 2012 – The annual developer event of Freescale Semiconductor the global leader in embedded processing solutions -- Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) India -- concluded today after two days of networking, demo sessions, product showcases and tech updates, that drew over one thousand of India’s best and brightest developers.

In his opening keynote Freescale’s Senior Vice President and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Henri Richard said: “Our world will depend increasingly on information and communication technology with tens of billions of new intelligent systems connecting to the web as a result of the ‘Internet of Things’ dynamic. Freescale’s unique product portfolio and expansive partner ecosystem, are a catalyst, enabling our customers to architect, build and go to market with solutions providing machine-to-machine connectivity creating a world of Connected Intelligence. India is an important market for us and it is experiencing dynamic growth with very diverse yet distinct technology needs offering tremendous opportunity for Freescale and our industry partners.”

Dr. Ajay Kumar, Joint Secretary for India’s Department of Electronics and IT said “The recent incentive programme announced by the Indian government of Rs 100 billion to promote large-scale manufacturing in the electronic system design and manufacturing (ESDM) sector has been welcomed by the industry. Technology events like the Freescale Technology Forum bring forth the advances that the embedded design industry is making in India.”
Some of the featured Technology Lab demos built using Freescale technology included Solar inverter, Smart energy meter, Thermal printer, 3D graphics using an i.MX 6 applications processor and a Qorivva microcontroller, Four-cylinder gasoline engine demonstrator, eReaders and Freescale Xtrinsic sensor fusion development tool and VGo robotic telepresence.

In the partner showcase, Germany-based Phytec showcased creates many of its embedded solutions which have been crafted in Bangalore.. Another Bangalore player Embedded Software Development. Systems unveiled a handy CodeWarrior USB Tap, which shortens the code writing process and helps rapid debugging. Bangalore-headquartered, iWave Systems unveiled its first solutions based on Freescale's new i.MX51 ARM Cortex- A8 processor -- including a multi screen display system and a hospital information system based on tablet-like portable devices -- arguably the first applications at the event to harness the upcoming processor. ( see Image of the Day section for pictures relating to these launches  )
On its part Freescale pegged multiple launches at the event:
An expansion of the Xtrinsic touch-sensing software portfolio for next-generation human-machine interfaces. New features include water tolerance, noise detection and a touch-detection algorithm for reduced false touches under electrical noise.  

Freescale also added an entry-level device family designed primarily for the automotive instrument cluster market to its S12 MagniV mixed-signal microcontroller (MCU) portfolio. The new S12 MagniV S12ZVHY MCU family enables developers to create a comprehensive instrument cluster solution with a single chip, significantly reducing time to market and the overall bill of materials. .


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Freescale Technology Forum show cases Indian innovation in embedded space
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Freescale Technology Forum show cases Indian innovation in embedded space
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