The Hyderabad facility of Intergraph Consulting in India has been a familiar feature across the road from the old Begumpet Airport on Sardar Patel Road
25 years on, for Intergraph’s R&D centre in Hyderabad

Hyderabad,July 21, 2012 – Intergraph Consulting Private Ltd. (ICC), a leading engineering and geospatial software development facility in India, for the Huntsville(Alabama)-US-based Intergraph Corp, is celebrating 25 years of innovation in Hyderabad
ICC has contributed significantly to growth and development over the years and has been a key asset for Intergraph. Being one of the first IT companies in Hyderabad and the second largest research and development centre for Intergraph outside of its American headquarters, the ICC continues to innovate and grow. The number of staff currently stands at about 850 employees.
Intergraph develops leading plant design, information management and geospatial engineering solutions in Hyderabad using the latest tools and technologies. 
For Intergraph’s Process, Power & Marine (PP&M) division, ICC significantly contributed to the high standard of 3D plant and marine design software used by process, power, ship, and offshore companies globally. ICC also plays a key part in the research and development of geospatial and public safety solutions for the Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure (SG&I) division. ICC’s work and dedication is crucial for the continuous improvement and development of Intergraph’s leading software applications.
Opening a software development centre in India was not part of many companies’ strategies 25 years ago. Intergraph’s management at the time recognized India’s great potential and valued the abundance of talented engineers in the region. Since then, ICC in Hyderabad has been a key asset for Intergraph and has demonstrated a successful track record over the years. Intergraph Consulting Private Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Intergraph Corporation. Intergraph was acquired by Hexagon AB in 2010. Since the acquisition, the centre in India also has been involved in the development of products for other Hexagon businesses.