NetApp adds data agility to its flagship solution, ONTAP

Bangalore, July 20, 2012—Storage and data management solutions leader, NetApp, has launched a single integrated platform for agile data Infrastructures with the latest release of its storage operating system and industry flagship, Data ONTAP.

With the latest enhancements, ONTAP ensures data storage can be intelligent and self-aware to deliver an immediate response to numerous rapidly changing business requirements. Self-managed storage seamlessly scales capacity, not people, with end-to-end visibility into storage infrastructure with functions to control, automate, and analyze data. A self-managing data-driven service layer allows a mixed-media storage pool to keep “hot” data on flash drives and less-active data on SATA drives.
Says Anil Valluri, President, NetApp India Marketing & Services: “This is an exciting time for NetApp and its customers. We, along with our partners are at the forefront of enabling IT transformation with Data ONTAP and help businesses scale far beyond today’s limits. Indian enterprises like any other across the globe are struggling with the pace, complexity and changing demands of a data-driven world. We are confident that the adoption of Agile Data Infrastructure will enable businesses to be faster & reliable, giving customers the competitive edge in data management in a tough and price sensitive market.”