Kalaivani Chittaranjan and Vishal Davda watch as cricket veteran Anil Kumble operates the Automatic Tax Filing Machine.
Taxsmile launches 50 kiosks across India for auto filing of tax returns

Bangalore, July 15, 2012: Automated Tax filing (ATF) machines which make the filing of income tax returns as easy as using an ATM? Bangalore-based Taxsmile.com has done just that – at 50 locations across six cities in India.
Taxsmile is the first Indian company with its own tax preparation and filing website and is also an e-Return Intermediary (ERI) authorised by the Income Tax department. This new initiative is yet another milestone to help individuals file income tax returns.
Announcing this launch, Kalaivani Chittaranjan, CEO & Executive Director eMudhra Consumer Services Pvt Ltd said, “In addition to return preparation, ATF also has an option for consumers to view computation, update Tax Payments and e-file Income Tax returns. Through ATF, Taxsmile will support filing of Income Tax returns for Individuals who are not required to maintain books of accounts and/or get them audited”.
Added Vishal Davda, Executive Director Taxsmile: “The current Direct Tax ecosystem either through statute or through benefits like faster refunds, encourages tax payers (assesses) to take the online route in relation to their return filing. The recent change mandates all tax payers with Income more than 10 lakh Rupees have to e-file their returns. They can now just visit nearest ATF kiosk, scan their documents and leave the rest to Taxsmile”.
The Chief Guest at the recent launch – cricketing veteran Anil Kumble said, “To make any eGovernance initiatives successful, the participation and contribution of enablers such as Taxsmile.com with various initiatives to move towards e-filing and reduce carbon footprint is very essential. For many tax payers with limited or no access to Internet to be able to manage their Tax related e-filings on their own, ATF is a welcome initiative from Taxsmile.com”.
Taxsmile.com India Pvt. Ltd. is part of eMudhra Group.