We're headed up there! Broadcom executives, Rajiv Ramaswami, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Infrastructure Networking Group ( left) and Ravi Manik, Corporate Business Development, India and South Asia briefing the media in Bangalore, July 2 2012 ( Photo Anand Parthasarathy/ IndiaTechOnline)
Key elements of Broadcom's IP flows from India

Bangalore, July 7 2012: With every tenth developer at Broadcom, based in India, significant elements of the telecom semiconductor solution leader’s portfolio of offerings have been crafted in this country
All of the development of the company’s service provider chip sets snd carrier ethernet switches; the world’s first 65 nanometer ethernet solution and the 1st ever 28 nanometer system-on-chip are just some examples of India-developed intellectual property that is used world-wide, said Rajiv Ramaswami, Broadcom’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, Infrastructure Networking Group, at a media round table in Bangalore this week. Interestingly some designs created for the indigenous market – like the BCM 7358 high definition satellite system-on-chip -- now command a global market.
As a consumer of Broadcom technology too, India is tops in certain telecom verticals: the country is one of the largest markets for gigabit-speed microwave backhaul equipment -- the preference to fibre flows from the logistical challenges that wireless service providers have to address here. In fact 80 percent of all mobile cell sites in India use microwave for the backhaul, creating an opportunity for players like Broadcom.
The company proudly claims that 99.98 percent of all telecom traffic crosses a Broadcom chip somewhere in its path. The media event it hosted in Bangalore highlighted the fact that much of the technology that went into that chip was ‘made in India’, at one three locations: Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai.