Rajesh Thadani, Director, Consumer Division and Amar Babu, MD, Lenovo India at the Jue 5 launch of Ukltrabooks and AIOs fuelled by Intel's 3rd gen core processor (inset). .jpg
3rd gen Intel core processors are here; Lenovo launches products fuelled by new chips

New Delhi, June 6, 2012 – The next wave of ultra thin Ultrabook portable PCs , powered by thr 3rd generation of Intel Core processors, fabricated with 22nm technology, is lapping Indian shores. The design promises increased media and graphics performance and long battery life
Lenovo launched its products fuelled by this chip, the same day.

“This is a time of revolutionary change in personal computing, as Intel and the industry aim to raise the bar for personal computing experiences, evolving to more natural and intuitive interactions,” says Debjani Ghosh, Managing Director, Sales & Marketing Group, Intel South Asia, “ Personal computing as we know it today will suddenly seem old fashioned.”
Ultrabook devices wake in a flash -- the system will transition from deep sleep (S4 mode) to its active state in less than 7 seconds. Additionally, all Ultrabook devices are now required to be “responsive while active” which means that they will load and run users’ favorite apps quickly New in the 3rd gen core chips is USB 3.0 – and Thunderbolt  technology, a high-speed connection that allows faster transfers. For example, a full-length HD movie can be transferred to an Ultrabook in less than 30 seconds.The next wave of Ultrabook systems is also equipped with Intel Anti-Theft technology that lets people automatically disable the system if it is lost or stolen. Additionally, all 3rd Generation Intel Core processor-based Ultrabook devices have Intel Identity Protection technology built in to help keep users’ identities safe . With this technology, a payments processor, a bank, an online merchant, a social media site or a gaming site can establish a trusted relationship with the Ultrabook user and reduce the chance that imposters are using their identities on enabled websites and social networks. The new Ultrabooks have up to twice the video processing and 3-D graphics performance of the prior generation, cutting a user’s video processing time in half and making for a smoother, richer visual experience.

Lenovo launches Ultrabook, AIO, based 3rd gen Intel core chips On June 5 Lenovo India was first off the starting block, with the India launch of an Ultrabook and and an all-in-one PC fuelled by Intel’s new gen 3 processor – the IdeaPad U310, U410 Ultrabook and IdeaCentre A720 AIO PC.
“As a global personal technology company, we will continue to set new standards and delight consumers by delivering thin, light, efficient products. Ultrabooks and AIOs are industry game changers that shift not only the way people think about laptop and AIO design, but also how much performance technology can be packed into such thin and light devices. The IdeaPad U Series Ultrabooks and AIOs embody the convergence of style and performance which are the perfect tools for consumers to manage every aspect of their digital lives,” said Amar Babu, Managing Director, Lenovo India.
Lenovo IdeaPad U310, U410 Ultrabook Ultrabook devices combine the best features of traditional laptops with choices of powerful new third-generation Intel Core processors, large storage capacity and richly resonant audio with the attractive features of tablets, like fast boot up, instant resume and prolonged battery life.
Lenovo IdeaCentre A720
The world’s slimmest 27” All-in-One
(with just 25.4mm thickness), the IdeaCentre A720 uniquely combines aframeless display supporting 10-point multi-touch for greater accuracy with a widely adjustable screen angle (from -5 to 90o) that allows comfortable use in any position.