Bangalore developer creates cost effective location tool, harnessing cellphone towers

Bangalore May 7 2012: A Bangalore startup has crafted a cost effective location solution using cellular phone tower-based tracking rather than the GPS. Engineers at mobile solutions provider Nivaata, have harnessed their patent-pending PACCT -- Path Adaptive Cell Clustering Technology –algorithm to provide a secure, on-demand, GSM based location tracking solution to fuel the Verayu MW (Mobile Workforce Monitoring) and Verayu FM (Fleet Monitoring Solution) solutions.
The Verayu framework provides seamless way of capturing and defining geographic profiles (Tags of places of interests) through an intuitive web-based dashboard and no interaction from the mobile handset. primarily using cell tower information to compute the location of a mobile phon, it differs from other mobile phone tracking solutions, because it computes the location of a mobile phone not just by totally depending on GPS hardware but rather a combination of several parameters obtained from the mobile phone to achieve a quick and accurate fix of the location.
It provides enterprises a web-based dashboard, with real-time updates on location information, as well as a report generation tool that can be used for advanced use-cases such as route-optimization.
The Times of India reports that Nivaata is working with companies in Bangalore, Delhi-NCR and Mumbai, charging a maximum of 450 monthly for every device whereas, for a basic GPS-based system, there is an average installation cost of Rs 10,000 plus monthly charges of up to Rs700 per device. 
It quotes Aprameya Radhakrishna, cofounder of taxi aggregation start-up, TaxiforSure, who says the company is in pilot phase with Vertayu, to connect passengers with cab operators, including organised and unorganised service providers. "We want to install devices to track cabs so we know which cab is closest to a passenger".