From left at the Mumbai, India launch of IBM's PureSysytems: Alok Ohrie, Helene Armitage, Barbara Cain and Pradeep Nair
IBM unveils news computing vision: expert, integrated -- and simple

Mumbai April 12, 2012 -- IBM has announced globally, a new suite of offerings which promise a radically simpler era of computing. The family called PureSystems includes hardware and software elements  whose initial offerings are  being called IBM PureFlex System and IBM PureApplication System respectively. 
By using built-in expertise based on IBM's decades of experience running IT operations for tens of thousands of clients, PureSystems offers to optimize difficult or time-consuming tasks such as deployment, configuration, provisioning and clustering: automate delivery and deployment tasks for faster time-to-value; eliminate manual, repetitive tasks to reduce maintenance costs and reduce dependence on high demand IT experts for simpler skills requirements
The IBM’s PureSystems expert integrated systems family is the result of $2 billion in R&D and acquisitions over four years, a carefully planned move by IBM to integrate all IT elements, both physical and virtual. The new systems family has "simplicity is power'"
as its core mantra and recogizes a basic fact of life today. Nobody, not even data centre managers want to read manuals. They would rather systems came with built-in cleverness to configure themselves for every new application challenge.

At the launch event in Mumbai on Wednesday, held simultaneously with dozens of launches worldwide, Helene Armitage, General Manager, Systems Software and Growth Solutions, IBM Systems and Technology Group, pointed out that the prime challenge facing companies worldwide is the need to spend 70 percent or more of IT budgets on simple operations and maintenance, leaving little to invest in innovation. Two-thirds of corporate IT projects are delivered over budget and behind schedule, according to a recent study by IBM.
Added Alok Ohrie, Director, Systems and Technology Group, IBM India South Asia:“Clients today want end results, faster time to value and the ability to innovate. IBM has literally embedded the technical know-how from thousands of client engagements, across dozens of industries and geographies. We have integrated our client experiences by design, not just through products, but every aspect of the client relationship now comes in-built. PureSystems is a seamless way of integrating hardware and software to instantly power-up your IT infrastructure, having to deal lesser with managing it.”
Pradeep Nair, Director, Software Group IBM India/South Asia said: “By tightening the connections between hardware and software, and adding incomparable software expertise, PureSystems is designed to help clients in India and global to free up time and money to focus on innovation that many businesses are unable to address due to ever rising costs and staffing needs in the traditional data centre.”
Barbara Cain, Vice President, Business Analytics Product Management and Growth Initiative, Software Group IBM laid out the three major advances on which PureSystyems is pegged:

“Scale-In” System Design: IBM is introducing a new concept in system design that integrates the server, storage, and networking into a highly automated, simple-to-manage machine. It can cut in half the time and expense devoted to systems management, while it makes unplanned outages a thing of the past – slashing them 98%.
Patterns of Expertise: For the first time, IBM is embedding technology and industry expertise through software that allows the systems to automatically handle basic, time-consuming tasks such as configuration, upgrades, and application requirements.
Cloud Ready integration: Out of the box, all PureSystems family members are built for the cloud, enabling corporations to instantly create private, self-service cloud offerings that can scale up and down automatically
The first two models of the family to become available are PureFlex System and PureApplication System. PureSystems support POWER processors and Intel processors and are priced starting at $100,000.
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