World's first Bollywood product auditioned on Facebook

Mumbai November 28, 2011 – Over 1,50,000 fans have signed up to the New Star of India campaign  at Facebook to help Ranbir Kapoor and Nissan find the next Bollywood superstar.
Last month the New Star of India campaign launched one of the world’s largest on-line talent hunts, with fans uploading a short clip of them dancing for a chance to appear alongside Ranbir in the 3-minute Bollywood blockbuster – New Star of India.
The campaign page went from 0 to 150,000 fans in just six weeks as well as receiving over 2,300 video auditions from across India.
This now means Nissan – India’s newest car company – has the second largest Facebook community in the country amongst automakers. On Nov 28, Nissan will count the thousands of votes that have poured in from across the country to arrive at the public’s choice of ‘top 100’. From these, the winning 20 co-stars will be selected by a panel of judges.
Kiminobu Tokuyama, Managing Director of Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd said: “150,000 ans have shown their appreciation of Bollywood, their love of Ranbir Kapoor and their desire to take part in a totally unique campaign. We currently have over 63,000 people talking about the campaign on Facebook, which is a terrific response.”
“We’ve decided to reward this with a special offer – anyone booking a test drive through the campaign site will get the chance to win the actual Nissan Micra that Ranbir will drive in the new movie, complete with his personal signature. This is a one of a kind prize!”
As well as being screened to millions on Facebook, New Star of India will be premiered at an exclusive red carpet event in January 2012.
Although auditions have now ended, there is still plenty of opportunity to get involved. Over the coming weeks the public will turn Producer and help shape the movie plot, choose the music, pick the wardrobe and name the characters, though Nissan’s Facebook page: