Raghunatha Chary, Regional Vice President ( Sales) India ( left) and Morten Brogger, CEO, MACH
MACH offers Indian mobile providers, customers, better data roaming

Luxembourg-headquartered global leader in mobile monetization solutions, MACH, has brought its 3G and 4G solutions to India, offering to provide mobile telecom providers the ability to leverage and optimise data roaming across  multiple technologies: GSM and CDMA, WiFi or WiMAX.

The MACH data roaming engine was first unveiled earlier this year, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, offering end users the benefit of more controlled, lower roaming bills even while service providers are enabled to drive revenues by giving them a true picture of the true wholesale margins they are making on roaming.
In a briefing for IndiaTechOnline, during his visit to India last week, MACH’s CEO Morten Brogger explained that with the 3G networks poised to expand sharply in what is one of the world’s largest prepaid markets, operators demand business intelligence, analytic tools and solutions to help them optimise their volume commitments and roaming business. As a leader in this arena, MACH is well positioned to help operators differentiate themselves on quality rather than quality, he added.
By enabling data roaming charges to be service specific and policy-based rather than dependent on volume, service providers can offer a better proposition to their customers.
Globally some 44 percent of customers switched off data service while roaming abroad. For Indians this number is almost 90 percent – so clearly there was a huge untapped market opportunity to expand global data roaming at least three-fold – provided the offerings were perceived to be reasonably priced.
Raghunatha Chary, MACH’s Regional Vice President ( Sales) India said operators here were looking to maximise roaming coverage regardless of technology to allow roaming from CDMA to GSM to WiFI to WiMAX . MACH’s Inter-Standard Solution made this possible and removed the need for carrying multiple SIM cards.
MACH has offices in12 countries and employs more than 1,000 people worldwide. It has set up its second global data clearing platform in Hyderabad, committing $ 6 million– its largest single investment ever. Roaming is said to be growing at 20 percent every month in India www.mach.com  . September 19 2011