Ittiam's products have fuelled a range of handheld smart and video devices,some of whih are seen in the picture (IndiaTechOnline photo)
In just one year, over 10 million smartphones, tablets worldwide, ticking with an Ittiam heart

Bangalore-headquartered technology products and embedded systems company Ittiam Systems, has seen its designs fuelling over 10 million Smartphones and Tablets within a span of just 12 months. A digital signal processor (DSP) developer and a specialist in media processing and video applications for a decade, Ittiam saw the first smartphones with Ittiam 720p Video for Player and Camcorder applications shipped in June 2010. Since then, several top tier customers worldwide have produced numerous handset and tablet models with Ittiam’s 720p video and advanced audio software. Based on the customer production data Ittiam has received for the 12-month period from June 2010 to June 2011, more than 10 million high end smartphones and tablets have been sold by its customers. In addition to delivering the core multimedia IP, Ittiam accelerated customers’ time-to-market by providing associated middleware, critical use case applications and integration support.
Consistently rated the “world's most preferred provider of digital signal processing (DSP) based intellectual property (IP)" in the annual DSP Professionals Survey conducted by Forward Concepts, U.S. for many years, Ittiam has pioneered video solutions like digital in-flight on-demand entertainment consoles and video phones before addressing the burgeoning smart phone and tablet market in recent years.
“High end video and audio have given us the best launching pad into this exciting market segment. We are already on our way to augment these offerings with next generation imaging and video communication features that will help our customers offer compelling applications to end users”, says Srini Rajam, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ittiam Systems.
“We are proud to have helped convince demanding global OEM customers that original digital product solutions can be conceived , developed and delivered from India”, Rajam told IndiaTechOnline, “In our second decade we hope to not just serve demanding markets but to create and define them”.

With a 200-strong team, Ittiam serves a customer base of over 400 companies distributed across U.S., Europe, Japan and Asia. The company’s name is an acronym for French mathematician Rene Descartes’ famous dictum ‘cogito, ergo sum’, I Think There I AM . .  September 15 2011