eInfochips unveils first scalable HD video broadcast solutions

eInfochips' H.264 codecs  are first scalable building blocks  for  digital media  -- from mobile phones to  full high-definition TVTo use the same broadcast video source for feeding  a full gamut of platforms from  small hand held devices like mobile phones to  laptop PCs to standard TV sets to  full high definition -- and to do it on the fly -- has been the holy grail of   the digital broadcast industry.
At the recently concluded  Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, California, US,  an India-based  product developer,  eInfochips from Ahmedabad, attracted considerable interest with its unveiling of  fully scalable codecs --  devices or computer programs capable of encoding and/or decoding a digital datastream --   for the high definition video broadcast industry. 
The codecs  run on  digital media processors based on the popular Da Vinci architecture from Texas Instruments.  They  support full HD up to 1080p  and  are based on the  H.264  standard of the International Telecommunications Union.
The  H.264 SVC/AVC encoder / decoder combo can  scale from 128 KBPS for a basic mobile platform to 300 KBPS for a laptop, 1024 KBPS for 30 frames per second (fps) TV and  5120 KBPS for full   HD TV that works at 60 fps .
In a special briefing for IndiaTechOnline, eInfochips  President and CEO  Pratul Shroff said the  codec was the first of its kind  to be offered with  seven fold optimization over and above the basic standard --  and had already attracted  over 30 serious expressions of interest within a month of the unveiling -- from  OEMs in US, Europe and Israel.
eInfochips   has released a series of proprietary solutions in the area of its specialization: video annd digital processing. 

Details of the   H.264 AVC BP and H.264 SVC encoders can be found at the company's website:


and http://www.einfochips.com/services/Video/H264-AVC-HD-Codec.php  
- Anand Parthasarathy in Bangalore, May 13 2009