India's anticorruption movement, harnesses social media, tops 1 million mentions per hour: Vangal

Much has been written about the way the people-driven anti-corruption movement centred around Gandhian crusader Anna Hazare harnessed social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to rally people across Indian cities.
Bangalore and Singapore-based “actionable insights software company” Vangal (  ) has shared the results of their latest social media analysis centered around the days when the Anna movement reached a crescendo, with his brief incarceration in Delhi. Vangal says:
- Anna Hazare picked up to 30 times mentions on Aug 17 and continued the momentum on Aug 18, with 2+ million unique users
- Sentiment was steadily positive and more negative on the ( ruling) Congress Party because of the latest happenings ( many calling it the repeat of Prohibition)
- Delhi and Bangalore topped the mentions and many tier 2 cities were joining the list of top cities with protest happening
- Mentions per hour topped on Aug 17, touching 1 million.

(Aug 18 2011)