Top Indian hacks bound for Yahoo's New York finale

03rd August 2011
Top Indian hacks bound for  Yahoo's New York finale

There is a tie at the top - - leading to two joint winners at the Yahoo! Open Hack contest in Bangalore last week. The two will now go to New York to attend the 'Hack All Stars,' on September 13 and 14 in New York.This event brings together all the winners of Yahoo's recent Open Hacks and HackU (University hack events) worldwide, for a grand finale  of a hackathon.
Here are the results of the Bangalore Open Hack:
Grand prize winner 1:
SpotLight - Illuminate your corner of the world!(Sridhar Bommaiah) SpotLight brings focus to "content on the streets"(the long tail of content), something that exists but is often difficult to find through browser based search. Besides leveraging content that exists, it also enables the community to generate and share localized content. SpotLight delivers a unique and compelling user experience by blending together fun and utility value. The fun element is introduced through the concept of "Top 3" ranks for items in any category at a given location.
Grand prize winner 2: D.A.M.N - Single Serving Friend (Niranjan B Prithviraj, Rengarajan Venkatachari )Connecting people on demand to enable them to share meter fare in Cabs/auto-rickshaws. This is done by finding out common routes that different people want to take at a given time. The motivation behind this solution is that public transport is cumbersome, and inconvenient. Auto rickshaws, and Cabs are convenient, but pricey. What if you could find someone nearby to share the fare with, anytime you decide to go out? This also reduces carbon footprint while saving you money.

Other winners:
Most fun hack: Fakemytrip (Kadam Jeet Jain, Rajesh Kumar,Ram Kumar) You have wanted forever to take a trip to that fab destination. While you have been stuck in this town, your friends have been globetrotting, and gloating about it on facebook! No more. It’s payback time. Use FakeMyTrip to create fake trips to your favorite destination. Following is how it works 1. Take your picture on a plain background. 2. Signin on fakemytrip, and select destination where you want to go. 3. Share the images with your friends on Facebook, Twitter.
Best social hack: (Arun) Tag Your Facebook Friends In Flickr Photos Problem. At present when we upload a photo to flickr. We are unable to tag/note a person who is in facebook. This App enabled to add note along with facebook url and there will also be a facebook update about the tagging.
Best development tool: devsync (ciju cherian,satish bhat)Much of web development time is spent on tools like firebug and chrome devtools. This is a hack of devtools, to allow the edits to be saved directly to localhost files (rather than u copying the changes back and forth).
Best Entertainment hack: StoryBoard (Bharath C.,Kirthi prakash R, Spoorthy A Raman AND Vinay C.P) It’s a visual story board for kids which enables them to read and experience the content augmented with images and videos. It has read, write and save capabilities. It helps enhancing imagination and creativity among children and acts as a great e-learning tool.
iLocation aware hack: iCribber (Manish KumaJayanth Saimanir) A mobile(Android) app for a normal citizen to "cribb" about the issues in the neighborhood revolving around the government. eg : Post a snap of a pothole with some description using the app. A web-mash up (using google maps) for a corporator to fix the issues raised and realise his/her stand against all the complaints and thus win the love from the citizens. This would result in clear onus of work and ensure its completion.
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