Vivaldi announces version 6.0 browser with new customization tools, workspaces

Oslo, Norway, April 19 2023: The independent browser for desktops, Vivaldi, has announced the availability of edition 6.0 with some new features:
-The all-new Custom Icons in Themes allow you to radically alter the look of the browser and personalize the interface like never before.
- Workspaces take  Vivaldi’s  unique tab management functionality even higher. It lets you organize your tabs by category into separate workspaces and switch easily between them. The ability to use Tab Stacks (groups) and split-screen view within Workspaces makes working with tabs way more fun and focused.

Says Vivaldi founder- CEO Jon von Tetzchner: “We build the browser. You make it a home. We want you to see Vivaldi as your home on the internet, so it should reflect your personality, preferences, and needs.Providing a browser with ultimate freedom and flexibility is at the heart of what we do. Workspaces and the next-level user interface customization will give people a browser experience that is special and truly unique.”

Win 95, Minimal Feather, or …? Change the look of Vivaldi completely with Themes and Custom Icons.
Vivaldi  is fundamentally unique when compared to other browsers, as you can change almost everything about it.Just as you’d design your home, you can transform the look of Vivaldi in various ways – changing the background image, completely restyling it, altering the toolbar layouts, and of course, using Themes
The built-in theming tools make it relatively easy to customize the colors and backgrounds the way you want, but it’s even simpler to change the look of Vivaldi by downloading user-generated themes from our Themes Gallery.
And  new Custom Icons are the final piece that will help you get that perfect look, opening up even more possibilities to create a browser that’s uniquely yours.
Changing the entire look of your browser has never been easier. Just click and pick any Theme with Custom Icons in the Themes Gallery.
For example, you can get a Win 95-inspired look, with the familiar buttons and colors, or get another look that is artistic with the Hand Drawn style.

Work or play? Organize tabs with Workspaces. 
Edition 6 packs in the kind of tab management tools that would otherwise require a long list of clunky browser extensions. Now, we’re raising the bar even higher with Workspaces.
Workspaces are like different rooms of your home, each with a different purpose. And just like you organize your rooms at home, you can keep the rooms in your browser organized! You can now focus on a single project at a time by grouping tabs in one place with Workspaces.
They function similarly to virtual desktops. Each workspace holds whichever tabs are related to a given task or category.
For example, you can create Workspaces for productivity, social media, news, and shopping and then open related tabs within those Workspaces. This allows you to easily switch between different sets of tabs and keep your workflow organized.