Nick Knupffer, Leif Nlelsen and R Ravichandran of Intel used the back of a truck to showcase the
Pint sized data centre can pack a lot of punch in the cloud: Intel

India-based engineers contributed key technologies to Intel's 6-10 core chip  roadmap.

Intel used the back of a truck and the inside of a suitcase to dramatise its “Pint sized but potent” technology for cloud data centres. The 'Cloud-in-a-Box’ system ( hauled into the media event in Bangalore by Leif Nielsen of Intel’s Data Centre Support marketing team, in a cabin hand baggage-sized suitcase) is powered by two Intel Xeon 8-core processors and a fistful of software tools including Trusted Execution Technology (Intel TXT), AES New Instructions (IntelAES-NI), Intelligent Power Node Manager and Intel Virtualization Technology.
Intel’s pitch is that these technologies that will deliver a more secure, energy efficient cloud – one that can be scaled down for the smallest corporate entity.
The demo reached India on a tour that includes Australia, Taiwan and Korea.
“Seventy percent of CIOs have cloud security top of mind” said Nick Knupffer, Marketing Programme manager Intel Data Center Group, Asia-Pac and China. The cloud in Intel’s vision will be federated ( stored data secured). Client-aware and automated, leaving enterprises to focus oninnovation, not management”, he added.
R Ravichandran, Director ( Sales) Intel South Asia said the India development centre --- second largest outside the US -- had contributed key technologies to the 6-10 core Xeon family of chips fuelling Intel’s cloud vision. July 16 2011