ACT sets up 100 public WiFi hotspots in Malleshwaram region of Bangalore

Bangalore, March 25 2023: With an aim to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies and promote a more inclusive and connected society in India, the Government of Karnataka has collaborated with ACT Fibernet, one of India's largest internet service providers, to launch 100 public Wi-Fi hotspots in Malleshwaram, Bangalore.
The inauguration of 100 public Wi-Fi hotspots in Malleshwaram, the first of-a-kind initiative in Bangalore will enable customers to experience fast and secure internet services. ACT SmartFiber ensures that users can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity for activities such as video calling, streaming, and quick file transfers, all on ACT's gigabit-enabled network.
To access the free internet service, users are required to log in to the ACT Free Wi-Fi portal using their phone number and one-time password (OTP). Once authenticated, users can enjoy high-speed internet access at 25 Mbps with a data limit of 1 GB for a duration of 45 minutes, without any charge. These Wi-Fi hotspots are strategically placed across various locations in Malleshwaram, including public parks, metro stations, bus stands, educational institutions, malls, and other public places. 
Said  Bala Malladi, CEO Atria Convergence Technologies (ACT): “ACT Fibernet believes that access to the internet is a basic necessity for all citizens, and it is their responsibility to bridge the digital divide and make internet access available to everyone. Our goal is to ensure that every citizen, has access to high-speed and reliable internet. Bangalore being an IT city with a mobile population, public Wi-Fi is a must-have amenity for a smart city, enabling easy connectivity for work, and access to public services amongst others. We are honoured to be associated with the esteemed project of the Government of Karnataka and contribute in our own meaningful way.”
ACT Fibernet is one of largest wired ISPs (Internet Service Provider) in India. Headquartered in Bangalore it has operations in 19 cities with more than 2 million customers.