Survey sees sharp spike in call centre jobs

11th March 2023
Survey sees sharp spike in call centre jobs
Image: FreePik

Bangalore,  March 11 2023: Data from  leading job site, Indeed, reveals an exponential surge in demand from jobseekers for call centre and remote customer service jobs over the past 4 years.
 While job postings too have witnessed a moderate rise of 16.2%, a dramatic increase of 432.80% in clicks per million has been observed since 2019.

The data reveals that there was an elevated demand for call centre and remote customer service jobs in the period from Jan 2020 - Jan 2021, with a 498.40% increase in job postings and a tremendous increase in jobseeker interest (1405% increase in clicks per million). This can be attributed to the pandemic necessitating more virtual customer service representatives,  an exponentially rising demand for quick-commerce platforms and growth of the app economy.
Gig work also grew during this time frame owing to the emergence of work-from-home as a predominant model of work.  However, job trends over the past year reveal a moderate drop in both job postings (by 73.50%) and jobseeker interest (by 64.50% clicks per million) as the economy opens up and on-site jobs resume.
Says Sashi Kumar, Head of Sales, Indeed: “The overall rise in call centre and customer support jobs over the past five years indicates that businesses are recognising the rising importance of improving customer experience. Especially in a post pandemic world, there is definitely a growing need for professionals who can manage customer interactions with empathy and efficiency, while also possessing the technical expertise to work with emerging technologies like AI and machine learning. It is also heartening to see that the country is a preferred destination for call centres and customer support outsourcing due to its large pool of skilled workers, lower operating costs, and proficiency in English.”
Bangalore leads job postings for call centre executives and remote customer support roles contributing to 19.14% of total jobs. This is followed by Delhi (9.33%), Mumbai (9.11%), Chennai (8.33%) and Hyderabad (6.31%).