Mobile gaming spend is set to drop in 2023, finds study

December 21, 2022: According to, the leading mobile data and analytics provider, time spent on mobile will surpass 6 trillion hours by 2028 — a 34% increase over five years.
As the time spent on phones is increasing rapidly Year-on-Year, it will lead consumers and marketers to transition toward mobile-first solutions and more developments. 
Against this backdrop,’s annual Mobile App Forecasts report, shares  its tech predictions to help marketers and app developers get a head start on their 2023 strategy planning. 
4 more Key insights:

  1. Global mobile ad spends to hit $362 Billion - Mobile will take over the share of the advertising wallet as more time is spent in apps.  
  2. Consumers spend in gaming will dampen: From Google’s upcoming privacy changes to a crackdown on fingerprinting which is set to impact user acquisition in 2023, mobile gaming spend is set to drop 
  3. Consumer habits in 2023: consumers will shift their share of wallet from goods to consumables and experiences as discretionary income feels the squeeze amidst layoffs and the rising cost of living. 
  4. More mobile apps will join the $3 billion app club: HBO Max and iQIYI will join Disney+, Netflix, YouTube, and TikTok in the $3 billion lifetime consumer spend club for video streaming and short video apps. 

 The full report can be accessed here. ( registration required)