International Delegates at the GTA Summit, Namaste New India
India hosts 2nd Global Tech Advocates Summit

Bangalore, November 12 2022: Global Tech Advocates (GTA) - the world’s first  international grassroots tech community conducted  its annual week-long GTA Festival Summit for the first time in India along with Tech India Advocates.
Titled ‘Namaste, New India!’, this second iteration witnessed an international delegation of 30 seasoned tech leaders, investors and entrepreneurs convene for the GTA Summit in Bengaluru.
GTA is an open and inclusive community of tech leaders and experts from 27 of the world’s fastest-growing tech cities and regions, working for the betterment of the tech industry globally. The GTA Summit is an extension of this thought process, designed to bring together a global delegation of tech leaders and unlock a floodgate of opportunities to share insights and learn from a city or a region represented in the GTA community. The ‘Namaste, New India!’ Summit was in line with this.
The anchor event of the week, this Summit, took place on November  9, at the Bangalore International Centre under the umbrella theme of ‘Decoding New India.’
Featuring a range of Indian and International tech perspectives through a number of panel discussions, the Summit unpacked the key ingredients of emerging New India. It gave attendees a chance to deep-dive into the extraordinary Indian start-up ecosystem through learnings from personal stories of notable start-up founders present as well as understanding the industries prime for tech disruption. The role of diversity and inclusion in a tech-enabled workspace for creating exciting opportunities, besides the evolving Venture Capital ecosystem, emerging investment models and its pursuit of diversity, were also discussed. Furthermore, the Summit also explored how academic commercialisation is fuelling India’s innovation economy, the talent behind it, as well as investment and innovation opportunities that can be seized in India’s next Techade.
Prominent entrepreneurs and tech leaders attending the event were Aprameya Radhakrishna (Co-founder of Koo), Dimple Parmar (Co-founder,, Dr Aravind Chinchure (CEO of Deshpande Start-ups), Jaya Dhindaw (Program Director - Integrated Urban Development, Planning and Resilience at Word Resource Institute India), Leslie Sarma (Co-Lead, Tech Singapore Advocates), and many more.