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Mizoram legislature goes paperless

September 16 2022: Mizoram has become the next after  Nagaland,  to join the ranks of digital legislatures which are now completely paperless.
The National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA) is an e-governance project under the Digital India mission. It was established by the Government of India to transform each and every States/UTs Legislatures into paperless/digitalized ecosystems.
NeVA streamlines the information exchange processes both within, and between, the different State Government Departments. It also allows live publication of the proceedings through a public portal as and when they happen.
NeVA aims to assist the Members of the States/UTs Legislatures to use the latest ICT tools to maximise engagement, access and transparency in governance.
The key  of National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA) implemented by SBL Knowledge Services Pvt. Ltd. at the Mizoram Legislative Assembly on 6th September 2022 will allow the members of the assembly to leverage the following benefits:

  • Enables digital mode to conduct the entire assembly session.
  • Automates the law-making process
  • Device neutral application
  • Eliminates paper based processes
  • Reduce printing costs
  • Bilingual access to documents
  • Members can access complete House information through tablets or handheld devices

Said Speaker Lalrinliana Sailo: “With this session we are operationalizing NeVA in Mizoram Legislative Assembly. We hereby extend our gratitude to the Ministry of Parliament Affairs Government of India for funding the project and our implementation partner SBL Knowledge Services Pvt. Ltd. for their commitment and hard-work towards implementing the same in a short period” Added MD and CEO of SBL Knowledge Services, Gopakumar Pillai: ‘’We are delighted that SBL Knowledge Services Pvt. Ltd. was chosen to implement the -Vidhan Application (NeVA) to empower Mizoram digitally. The excellent initiative by the assembly has certainly sparked an entry of the state and its people into the digital era. A proven template has definitely been established for others to follow.’’