Indian enterprises take baby steps to public cloud: Cybermedia Research

08th June 2011
Indian enterprises take baby steps to public cloud: Cybermedia Research

The Public Cloud Computing market in India has been estimated to touch Rs. 24.34 billion in 2014 after growing at a CAGR of 53% between 2010-2014 by market intelligence and advisory firm CyberMediaResearch.

Its Cloud Computing Market Review 2011, May 2011 edition, also shows that penetration of cloud services amongst Indian enterprises was 4% in 2010. This is expected to rise to 6.8% by 2012, for all large and mid-size enterprises in the country.
"The overall India SaaSmarket is expected to touch Rs. 4.65 billion by end 2011, a growth of 50 per cent over 2010. However, we are still a few years away from the time when we seemission critical enterprise applications running on cloud platforms", says Kamal Vohra, Lead Analyst, India Software and IT Services Research. “Cloud computing is witnessing widespread interest from the vendor-service provider-channel community on the one hand and business leaders and CIOs on the other. This is fuelled by the strong belief that cloud computing will allow a large number of SMB enterprises to adopt the same enterprise class software and technology solutions, which were earlier the exclusive preserve of large enterprises”, he adds.

The Indian Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are also realizing the business opportunities offered by the new 'cloud computing' paradigm. TSPs and ISPs arein a position to launch cloud computing services, primarily 'Infrastructure as a Service' or 'IaaS'. Indian Telcos such as Reliance Communications, Tata Communications and state-owned BSNL have announced plans to address this emerging opportunity. The growth of the India IaaS market is expected to be relatively slow in the 2010-2012 time-frame, but is expected to pick up thereafter. The overall CAGR for the India IaaS market during 2010-2014 is expected to be 49%.

June 8 2011