Indian armed forces gearing up to harness AI on the border and battlefield

17th August 2022
Indian armed forces gearing up to harness AI on the border and battlefield
Image courtesy INDIAai

August 17 2022: The government of India has finalized a roadmap for  the application of Artificial Intelligence for each public sector undertaking serving the armed forces
The PSUs had already  completed 40 such projects, the gove
rnment informed the upper house of parliament.
All Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) system laboratories have  also started AI technology groups to introduce such features in all their products.  
The government has  set up a  Defence Artificial Intelligence Council (DAIC) to provide necessary guidance and structural support for the application of AI for use by  the armed forces. A Defence AI Project Agency has also been created under the chairmanship of the secretary, the Department of Defence Production, to enable AI-based processes in defence organizations. 
AI-based surveillance systems
On its  part the Indian Army has deployed 140 AI-based surveillance systems to  monitor on its borders.
 The systems include high-resolution cameras, sensors, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle feeds and radar feeds which are collated and applied through AI.  This will help detect intrusions at borders and the classification of targets.
The Army has also set up an AI centre at the Military College of Telecommunication Engineering, Mhow. The army’s Corps of Signals  is lesding a joint study on implementing 5G in the armed forces, harnessing its  high bandwidth connectivity or frontline troop communication. ( based on information at INDIAai)