From left: Rajkumar Kamat, Managing Director, EP Kamat Group; Pramod Sawant Chief Minister, Goa; Aticka Chona, Sustainability & Growth, Global Wayout International, Ulf Stenerhag - CEO, Wayout International announcing the partnership.
EP Kamat group brings Swedish drinking water technology to Goa

Goa, June 5 2022: On the eve of World Environment Day, the Goa-based EP Kamat Group  has entered into a partnership with Swedish tech company Wayout  to  locally produce and distribute drinking and cooking water with minimal eco-footprint.   The technology runs entirely on solar energy and stores data on water.
The companies revealed the eco-friendly technology that can be effectively leveraged to bring down the carbon footprint and its positive impact on future resources of the state in the presence of Dr. Pramod Sawant, Chief Minister, Goa, Ulf Stenerhag , CEO, Wayout International,Rajkumar Kamat, Managing Director, EP Kamat Group, and Aticka Chona, Sustainability and Growth, Global Wayout International.
The contract includes a pioneering world-class solution that can locally produce and distribute drinking and cooking water with minimal eco-footprint, anywhere on earth. This innovative water purification and dispensation system are touted to reduce the use of plastic bottles and therefore carbon footprint.
 Ulf Stenerhag, said: "A single Wayout system provides 3,000 persons with clean and safe drinking water, with no by product, whilst preventing up to 483 tons of greenhouse gasses and 5.7 million single-use plastic bottles from entering the ecosystem yearly.”
Rajkumar Kamat, Managing Director, EP Kamat Group, shed light on the establishment of the EP Kamat Group as leaders in Goa's Sanitation and Wastewater Recycling Segment. The elimination of single-use plastic bottles is a step forward in their core vision of a Clean, Green, and Safe Planet."We are happy to partner with Wayout in this World Class Solution that does away with millions of single-use plastic bottles. Thereby reducing thousands of tons of greenhouse gases while providing safe drinking water through specially designed Microfactories." Mr. Kamat added, "In Goa, I do believe, it will have tremendous applications in Touristic places, Industrial Estates as well as in Education and other institutions."
The EP Kamat Group is associated with the Goa Government’s Mission of Swachh Bharat, providing customised solutions for reusing wastewater through Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) and Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP).
 Ms. Aticka Chona, Sustainability and Growth Director at Wayout  added: “The partnership with EP Biocomposites has the potential to reduce 14,500 tons of CO2 emissions by cutting down the use of 170 million plastic bottles in Goa. We are eager to see Goa transform and accelerate its sustainability ambition."
Speaking at the signing of a partnership contract between the two companies, Chief Minister of Goa Pramod Sawant appreciated the initiative of the companies to reduce the use of plastic bottles and therefore carbon footprint. "Congratulations to both Wayout International and EP Kamat Group. Plastic free water waste in the state of Goa is a good initiative taken by both the organizations. The Government will fully support this agreement and support both organisations in future. We are also working on the Plastic Free Goa, definitely it will help with "Green Goa, Clean Goa."  
Swedish Sustain Tech company Wayout develops and produces hardware and software systems for local coverage of safe drinking water.
The EP Kamat Group provides solutions for the reuse of wastewater through Sewage treatment Plants (STP) and Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) by providing customised solutions.