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More industry insights on National Technology Day

May  11 2022: Here are some more industry insights on the occasion of National Technology Day 2022:
Sanjai Gangadharan, Area Vice President - South ASEAN at A10: Altering the way people communicate and conduct business, thereby underpinning economic progress. In the last few years, we've seen the pandemic wipe out years of resistance by late adopters, social institutions, and businesses that hadn't previously bought into the "digital transformation" argument. Individuals and businesses have learned new skills, overcome technological limitations, and adopted new business models in order to remain relevant in the industry. Now that the majority of India's population is connected to the internet in some way, it is critical to monitor hackers lurking online and protect one's network and data from being compromised. According to A10 Networks International Communications Service Providers Insights 2021, 62% of Indian Enterprises have accelerated investments in security, as a result of the pandemic. Hence, A10 Networks’ top priority is to innovate and empower customers and partners with advanced IT and security strategies, as well as secure and accessible digital experiences, to address the challenges of this ever-changing digital world. I also believe that enterprises need to become increasingly cognizant of the fact that the actualization of tech advancements requires individual, organizational and ecosystem efforts combined – personal plus collective and integrated action is an imperative for scalable and sustainable impact.
Soumitra Gupta, Founder and CEO, Xtracover: People have begun to trust refurbished mobile phones more since the outbreak. As the market evolves from an unorganized to a more organized and structured one, cost-effectiveness and growing trust in enterprises supplying reconditioned products are two of the reasons. Xtracover is a pioneer in this newly organized industry, focused on customer satisfaction. Professionals with over 20 years of experience in repairs, refurbishment, warranty support, and product lifecycle management make up the core team, a competitive advantage over its industry competitors All refurbished mobile phones offered on Xtracover's platform come with a one-year warranty and are XCQC's 64 parameters quality checked and certified. Orders can be picked up and delivered across India via the e-commerce platform. All of this is put in place to increase trust in reconditioned gadgets and hence grow the organized market.  
Aakrit Vaish, Co Founder and Ceo, Haptik: Technology is at the center of everything we do at Haptik. The advancements in AI and NLP have been the bedrock behind the massive growth of Conversational AI.Today, Customer Experience has become the ultimate brand differentiator.The consumer-tech industry has seen an unprecedented scale in the past decade. Kudos to Jio for making the internet accessible to every Indian. A robust VC ecosystem has been instrumental in this hyper-exponential growth. Big ups to the government for supporting these VCs, tapping the massive potential of India. India has indeed become one of the most technologically advanced nations!
Amit Khatri, Co-Founder,Noise: The aim of Noise Labs is to build first-of-its-kind and ground-breaking products for New Age India, with user-centricity at its core. Noise intends to develop technology for the future with this innovation incubator center, strengthening its core ambition of becoming a technology-driven company that delivers products that satisfy evolving consumer needs. India's leading connected lifestyle tech brand, announced the opening of 'Noise Labs.' Noise believes that a brand's ability to prosper is determined by its ability to innovate and that innovation occurs when ideas are implemented to produce value. The lab's goal is to bring new ideas to light that will help Noise users have the best experience possible while also utilizing future technology in a consumer-friendly way. Noise Labs will invest in concepts and technologies that may be developed sustainably for future generations, allowing young India to grow.
Hamish Patel, Chief Product Officer, World of Play: Good engineering feels like magic and at PLAY we strive for this with each of our product, for our valued customers. World of PLAY’s engineering will play a vital role in the coming years to lead the way for our honourable PM, Mr Modi’s mission of “Make in India”. This national technology day, we should all resolve to take on hard engineering problems to make our country a global leader.
Sujit Patel, CEO/MD SCSTech: We at SCS Tech enable our global customers to achieve digital transformation and provide smart product solutions with our tech consulting, bespoke solutions, as well as professional services. SCS Tech has come up with a unique solution catering to post-incident data called Intelligence Debriefing With Analytics (IDA). IDA is a comprehensive incident management software that tracks, analyses and collates incident data from multiple sources into a single debriefing report, and provides real-time data on past incidents coupled with predictive analytics to forecast future incidents and their potential causes. IDA answers the What, Why and How of any incident by documenting causes, effects, patterns, and results onto a single encrypted file, thus easing compliance, boosting efficiency, and improving management decisions. Celebrating all the technological firsts of our country.
Ritesh Varma, (Global Head: Business Solutions) Newgen Software: Organisations have always wanted to transform to create business differentiation. While the pandemic made it urgent for enterprises to embrace digital, now they are striving to accelerate their digital initiatives to stay competitive. With digital acceleration, enterprises across industries can automate their end-to-end processes while enhancing customer experience, operational excellence, and business innovation. The secret sauce to accelerating digital lies in “Hyperautomation.” Every organisation much enable enterprise-wide Hyperautomation and run multiple programs in a coordinated manner to achieve holistic transformation while ensuring compliance, security, and governance.

Rajesh Ganesan, President, ManageEngine: Technology touches and improves the lives of individuals, families, communities, businesses, and nations, and effective application of it has been the greatest differentiator in terms of how nations progress. On this national technology day, we urge people who have benefited from leveraging technology to make two important decisions. The first is to enable access to technology for people who don't have the privilege or access to it. And the second is to not just consume but also contribute to creating technology and building the know-how to apply technologies in the surrounding communities. These small steps will lead us towards building more empowered communities and a strong, self-reliant nation.

Krishna Kumar, Founder & CEO, Simplilearn: The significance of technology in our lives has increased monumentally over the past years. The contribution of technology is visible in all spheres of our lives, and especially its role in educational transformation. It has successfully broken down the walls of geographic and demographic divide enabling college graduates and young professionals from any locus to upskill in the most relevant, industry skills and be future-ready. The 2022 theme for National Technology Day could not be more relevant to us. The knowledge of new-age digital economy skills will be the torch-bearer in driving an integrated approach in science and technology for a sustainable future.