FiEx offers India’s First NFT Marketplace with AR Integration

New Delhi,  May 2 2022: FiEx, a leading name in the Digital Asset and Web3  domain has announced the launch of India’s first NFT Marketplace with AR integration and a new age digital asset exchange.
The Singapore based company announced that it plans to allow users to discover, mint, purchase, showcase their NFTs and bring the NFTs to the real  world using AR technology.  The platform is expected to go live mid June this year.
Whether you need to make digital asset transactions, convert crypto to fiat currency, or want to buy NFTs, FiEx is an ideal destination for carrying out all these kinds of transactions in a completely hassle-free manner. Specifically, in the context of India where digital assets have just started catching the attention of the masses, FiEx aims to offer a safe and secure platform for carrying out digital asset transactions.
Says Tushar Gandotra, Co-founder, FiEx: “We are excited to announce that FiEx is here to co-build an open source culture driven web3.0 ecosystem and offerings for the Indian audiences and businesses. The age of meta transformation has begun: What Digital Transformation was to Web 2.0, Meta Transformation is for Web 3.0.”
Adds Rajesh Kumar, Co-founder, FiEx: We are launching the world's first AR based NFT marketplace and a new age digital asset exchange.  Alongside, FiEx Studioz and FiEx Labs are here to help creators and businesses to understand how to leverage this new economic disruptor technology into their lives and traditional businesses. “
While other players in the segment are still exploring the ways for AR integration, FiEx has already got plans in place to roll out an AR-based NFT marketplace. In fact, this integration has put FiEx directly in competition with leading names in the industry such as Binance and WazirX among others. The top management of FiEx including its founders are quite aware of the need to integrate technology into the asset portfolios and this specific AR integration is a direct outcome of the vision that the leadership at FiEx has for their services.