Bridgeweave's AI-driven investment platform is a year old

Bangalore, April 27, 2022 : Indian talent-led UK based fintech company, Bridgeweave,  completes its first anniversary on smallcase, an online platform to invest in model portfolios of stocks.
Both of the InvestorAi Follow the Machine (FtM) smallcases on the platform delivered returns above the benchmark in the first year.
InvestorAi FtM Portfolios have been live on smallcase  20th April 20 2021 with a philosophy to help investors benefit from machine-driven investment ideas and auto-rebalancing of assets that helps in saving time, effort and prevents emotional decision making and biases.
The fiscal year 2021-22 has seen significant changes in market dynamics from rising inflation and interest rates, continued disruption from the pandemic, increase in commodity prices, and ongoing geopolitical tensions. This has led to increased market volatility and an environment where emotion-driven decision making can negatively impact investment decisions.

In such a time, InvestorAi’s Machine driven approach has combined AI-powered bottom-up stock selection with top-down constraints to deliver balanced and diversified portfolios. The benefit of Following the Machine is that emotional biases don’t play a role in allocation decisions. The Machine follows a programmatic, rules-driven approach.
Says Akshaya Bhargava, Founder and Chairman, Bridgeweave ( and  former CEO of Wealth and Investment Management at Barclays)“Our philosophy at Bridgeweave is to democratise and simplify wealth enablement. Our FtM portfolios are a key component of this and have demonstrated an ability to deliver consistent returns in a year of volatility. As we face increasingly uncertain market conditions, I hope that our users derive some comfort from following the machine and knowing that they have access to cutting edge technology. “
InvestorAi FtM smallcases can be found  here