Worldline joins 4th Wave to bring payments and supply chain financing

Mumbai,  April  21 2022: Global leader in the payments industry  -- Worldline – has partnered with , a finance and Banking As-A-Service (BAAS) 4thWave, to launch an integrated payment and supply chain financing offering for India and South Asia
 With this partnership, Worldline will launch a digital platform that brings together lenders and businesses to facilitate Supply Chain Financing,Collections and Payments on a single platform. The platform will facilitate businesses to access affordable finance on one hand and helps to optimize  B2B payments across multiple payment rails on the other.
The offering will address a diverse range of working capital financing use cases for MSMEs and large corporates alike, across various industry segments. The partnership will leverage the extensive merchant and banking partner network of Worldline India.
Says Vishal Maru, Executive Vice President, Merchant Payment Services Worldline:  "Worldline India has been working relentlessly to modernise the B2B payments landscape and introduce new services such as supply chain financing services with the aim of enabling sustainable economic growth for all our present and prospective clients. We trust that the expertise of 4thWave will help Worldline develop and implement relevant products and services to address the working capital and supply chain financing challenges of the businesses in the short term and long run."
Adds Partha Saha, Senior Vice President, Global Markets, 4thWave: "We are confident that 4thWave’s experience in Supply Chain Financing in emerging economies, coupled with Worldline’s deep payments expertise will alleviate the B2B Payments and financing issues of the businesses, while catalyzing inclusive economic growth in India and South Asia."