Rating the most and least accessible tech brands online

14th April 2022
Rating the most and least accessible tech brands online

April 14, 2022: A new  report from  partnership  marketing platform, Affise has revealed the most and least accessible technology brands for online shopping, with HP branded as the least user-friendly.All the brands are accessible in India
The Online Shopping Accessibility Index  delves into the world's most valuable online brands, to discover whether the best interests of all customers are really at the heart of operations. 
Reigning supreme in first place is Accenture, with a score of 99. With just 52 errors flagged overall, the site does not have far to go when it comes to being as convenient and as accessible as possible. 
Scoring 98 and following closely behind in second place are computer giants Dell Technologies. Just 17 accessibility errors make it unsurprising that this company scored so highly, but the user-friendliness of the website speaks for itself: muted colour-scheme, large bold font and easily-accessible helplines at the ready for people to seek assistance. 
In third place is Samsung, also scoring 98. With a fairly high error ranking of 148, it is easy to see why the company did not achieve full marks. However, an overall decent user experience has allowed Samsung to remain in the top three. 
HP is in last place with a score of 72, with the site instantly conveying colour-contrast issues, which would make navigation difficult for visitors with colour-contrast sensitivity. Bright, garish colours against a white background are guaranteed to offer a nightmare experience for people living with colour blindness, while lots of extremely small writing would be frustrating for people with visual impairment
The most and least accessible online tech brands:
Brand                                     Accessibility Rating Score
Accenture                               99
Dell Technologies                   98
Samsung                                98
Huawei Invest& Holding         97
Microsoft                                 97
Apple                                       96
Intel                                         93
IBM                                          92
Hitachi                                     91
Sony                                        91
HonHai PrecisionIndustry       89
Taiwan Semicon Mfg              87
Panasonic                               86
Facebook                                85
Cisco                                       83
LG                                           82
Alphabet                                  81
Tencent                                   75
Lenovo                                    73
HP                                           72