Govt circulates draft policy on data accessibility and use

February 23, 2022: The Indian government has sought Ifeedback and inputs on the "Draft India Data Accessibility & Use Policy" that aims to enhance access, quality, and use of data, in line with the current and emerging technology needs of the decade.
This draft has been evolved in consultation with various stakeholders including academia, industry, and government. The last date of submission for inputs/feedback is March 18, 2022.
It has proposed an India Data Office (IDO) with the idea of streamlining and consolidating data access, and sharing of public data repositories across government and other stakeholders.
The policy document provides an update to the existing government policies — the National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy (NDSAP) and the Open Government Data Platform (OGD.
Find the draft policy and backgrounder here
1. Background Note for India Data Accessibility and Use Policy
2. India Data Accessibility and Use Policy