NxtGen launches Machine Learning Ops as a service

Bangalore, December 21, 2021: Leading Cloud Technologies and Datacenter provider,  NxtGen,  has launched MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) as a Service offering in a strategictie-up with AI startup Katonic.ai, to simplify, strengthen and accelerate mainstream adoption of AI by enterprises, digital native start-ups, research institutes, educational institutions, and government entities.
NxtGen’s mission is to provide MLOps platform to data engineers and data science professionals at no cost and support the wider adoption of data analytics and data science practice.
With AI and ML being implemented in the core of all operations, there is an increasing need for sound operations and risk management in the ML Model Lifecycle. Most firms lack the skills, processes, and tools required to reliably integrate ML models into business applications, processes, and drive adoption across the enterprise. Key challenges include scalability, operationalizing AI models, talent collaboration, value governance, etc. To address these challenges, NxtGen and Katonic.ai are teaming up to deliver an enterprise ready MLOps as a Service that accelerates time to value of data science projects by bringing speed and agility to the model development process. NxtGen MLOps platform simplifies the development, deployment, and management of machine learning models and brings DevOps agility and speed to the ML Model lifecycle.
NxtGen MLOps as a Service will give data teams the ability to efficiently build, train, deploy and monitor machine learning model pipelines in a platform-agnostic manner. The solution is designed to simplify machine learning deployment across verticals like financial services, insurance, health care, telecommunications, retail, pharmaceutical, and marketing. In line with NxtGen’s vision to broaden their  service portfolio, the company is tying up with multiple emerging technologies and transforming those technologies as services for the enterprices which will help upskill them with augmenting new technologies and services which are pre integrated. NxtGen has also offered HPC- as a service to Academia at no cost.
Says AS Rajgopal, CEO & MD, NxtGen Datacenter & Cloud Technologies: “We found Katonic.ai’s platform to be the best collaborative platform with a unified UI to manage all data science in one place pre integrated with NxtGen Cloud. With NxtGen MLOps as a Service, we want to make it fast and easy to deliver AI applications. The platform is built with a simple user experience that makes it fast and easy to get started and will offer fully flexible cloud based solution to meet all business's data science enablement needs for data analytics workloads at any scale with 24/7 MLOps support.”
Adds Prem Naraindas, Founder & CEO, Katonic.ai:"I am very excited about this strategic alignment. Our MLOps platform is collaborative with a Unified UI to manage all the data science in one place and delivers a deep set of capabilities that not only help data scientists evaluate their models but also help explain the models to business users and executives. In addition, the platform combines the creative scientific process of data scientists with the professional software engineering process to build and deploy Machine Learning Models into production safely, quickly, and in a sustainable way.”
More detailsof MLOps here