Adobe India 's Country Marketing Manager Prabhjeet Singh, launches the Bangalore showcase for CS5.5 on April 12 ( IndiaTechOnline photo)
Adobe's mid term Creative Suite targets new devices, multiple screens

From Anand Parthasarathy in Banglore

Adobe is unveiling the newest iteration of its industry-leading design and development software Creative Suite ( now 5.5), in road shows across India, telling designers and developers that this is their one stop design solution to target popular smartphone and tablet platforms, with new applications.
The launch marks a subtle change to Adobe’s product release strategy for Creative Suite, moving from 1 year or 18 month updates to a ‘mid term tweak’, adding new features called for by the rapid proliferation of customer ‘screens'; and the popularity of new formats like the Tablet PC... features that can’t wait for a full 12 month  update cycle. The new Creative Suite 5.5 product line consists of: CS5.5 Design Premium Suite, CS5.5 Web Premium Suite, CS5.5 Production Premium Suite and an enhanced Photoshop® Software Development Kit (SDK). Launching the demo session for some 600 plus developers in Bangalore on April 12 – the first anywhere in the world for the 5.5 release--Prabhjeet Singh, Country Marketing Manager-India, Adobe Systems said, “There is significant change in the way content is being consumed in emerging markets like India. As a leader in content authoring solutions, we want to make sure that our customers have the latest technology to keep pace with this change. With the swift market adoption of devices, design, interactivity and the ability to move content across screens has become pivotal for content creators. With Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 we are providing industry-leading tools which will allow content creators to design and deliver rich content on any screen with greater efficiency.”
The new Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium suite introduced by Adobe regular Vyshakh Venugopal, is replete with innovations in HTML5 and Adobe Flash authoring tools, including browser labs which enable developers to preview the performance of new pages in multiple browsers and at multiple screen resolutions and sizes , ‘ on the fly'. The release enables developers to deliver mobile applications on Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS, iOS and other platforms; create browser-based content across screens using HTML5; and leveraging Flash Player to deliver video content, casual games and rich Internet applications.
Guru Vaidya explained that for video and audio professionals, Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium suite delivers improved workflow improvements powerful new audio editing capabilities built around “Audition”. The Adobe Mercury Playback Engine, introduced in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, is now broadened in its graphics processing unit (GPU) hardware support to include laptops and more supported cards. Vaidya drew applause when he demo’ed real time media encoder-based rendering in the background, even as the user could get on with the main Premium editing suite in the foreground. The days of taking an extended tea break while rendering is done are clearer gone for ever. He also showed new features for stereoscopic and 3-D content creation.

Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium suite   introduced by Rajesh, also includes Adobe’s recent innovations in digital publishing to help publishers create digital editions for tablet devices. Using InDesign CS5.5, in combination with the integrated Folio Producer toolset, designers can add new levels of interactivity to their page layouts targeted to tablet devices. Documents can include video, audio, panoramic views, 360-degree object rotation, pan and zoom of images, integration of HTML and HTML5 content and other interactive overlays
Pricing and Availability
Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 products are scheduled to ship within 30 days, with price for the Creative Suites is expected to be Rs 154791 for CS5.5 Master Collection, Rs 113141 for CS5.5 Design Premium, Rs 107065 for CS5.5 Web Premium, Rs 101185 for CS5.5 Production Premium and Rs 77371 for CS5.5 Design Standard. For more detailed information

The tech road show will visit other Indian cities:Chennai April 15( Hilton Hotel),, Hyderabad ( Park Hotel) April 19 Delhi,April 20 ( Le Meridien) and Mumbai June 2(place not yet decided).

April 22 2011