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New Vivaldi browser edition 5 is live

December 2 2021:The new edition of the Vivaldi browser – Vivaldi 5 – is here with many new  enhancements for Android platforms and desktop, with privacy remaining high among its priorities.
For Android:  Unique Two-Level Tab Stacks arrive on Android: a first in browsers. we’re bringing our double-decker tabs to our Android browser to help you manage your tab woes on the go! 
Improved tab interface on Android: You now have more ways to tweak the Tab Bar to your liking, including tabs that can appear as small as a favicon to give you more room and faster access.
New side Panel for Tablets and Chromebooks: Make the most of your tablet with a brand-new, super flexible design - including a side Panel - that lets you optimize your screen space.
Here’s what's in the mix on the desktop:
 Translate Panel with one-step auto-translate option: You can translate web pages and text snippets instantly, without any additional clicks.
 Revamped, shareable Vivaldi Themes: Themes are easier to create and fine-tune, for a truly custom look. And now you can share Themes with friends or beyond.
link to Android App: Vivaldi Browser - Apps on Google Play
We are carrying a video on the translate feature in the tech video spot on our home page
You could already translate selected texts in a popup/dialog with Vivaldi Translate in a few quick steps. But the Translate Panel takes it to the next level, offering a one-step auto-translate option. Once enabled (and with the Panel open) you only need to highlight text to instantly see its translations in the Panel. No additional clicks required.Selected text translation can also happen by typing or pasting a selected text into the Translate Panel or by simply translating selected text from the translate icon, context menu, or even a shortcut.