Aujas launches cloud-based account aggregation services

November 21, 2021: The Indian financial sector has ushered in a new era with the launch of the Account Aggregator (AA) ecosystem. This will help financial organizations launch innovative services and empower customers to digitally access and share their financial data in a secure and efficient manner.To become a part of the Account Aggregator ecosystem, participant organizations such as FIPs, FIUs, and AAs must adhere to ReBIT guidelines for API & functional flow.
Aujas Cybersecurity is an empaneled vendor with Sahamati, a non-profit industry alliance for the Account Aggregator ecosystem. Sahamati has designed a conformance assessment test plan and empanelled certifiers to provide self-service tools to participants. Aujas has developed a framework to conduct certification tests for participating organizations (FIPs, FIUS, & AAs) of the AA ecosystem.
With its newly launched cloud-based product – Saksham, Aujas can quickly certify the participating entities for API specification and functional flow compliance, including completeness of implementation.
Saksham is an automated, self-assessment API certification kit equipped with an intuitive user interface, enabling users to meet the certification criteria hassle-free. 
The SaaS version of Saksham is ideal for any entity, regardless of its scope of the scale of business. Cloud-based Saksham is faster and ensures a more efficient onboarding process. The version can be adopted as a subscription-based model and provides a best-in-class, seamless testing experience for prompt results. Saksham eliminates the need for extensive infrastructure, expensive hardware purchases, software licensing, provisioning, and maintenance. It can be accessed 24x7 and is highly secure. Saksham uses secure communication channels to connect with entities.  
Saksham has enabled financial organizations such as IndusInd Bank, Axis Bank, Bajaj Finance Ltd, OneMoney, NADL, CAMSOnline, Finvu, and others to successfully get onboarded to the Account Aggregator Framework Saksham is here to facilitate a seamless, no-frills certification process for every organization eager to be part of this Indian financial revolution. More details here Saksham - Account Aggregator Framework Readiness (
Tech  note: What is Account Aggregation: The RBI approved a new class of NBFCs in 2016 to act as Account Aggregators whose primary responsibility is to facilitate the transfer of users' financial data with their explicit consent. This primarily includes transfer, but not storing, of data. An Account Aggregator is 'data-blind', and data transmitted will be end-to-end protected. Also, an Account Aggregator does not and cannot store any user's data.Thus, It helps businesses and individuals collate and share data digitally in a secured and controlled manner, thereby assuring the user's integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.