Boom time coming for short video format in India

October 6 2021: A study by Bain and Company,  ‘India Online Videos–The Long and Short of It’,  suggests that online video users in the country has  bgrown to 350 million people. The growth rate --  24% between 2018 and 2020 – is  nearly twice as fast as China and Indonesia.
About 59% of India’s Internet users consume videos online, as against 67% in Japan, 69% in Indonesia, 74% in Brazil, 76% in Mexico, 78% in S. Korea, 79% in the UK, 83% in the US and 92% in China – so clearly there is room  for growth.
By 2025, three in four Internet users – that is about 650 million Indians -- will consume short-form videos (SFVs, ie videos 15 seconds to 2 minutes),  spending up to 55 to 60 minutes per day. More than 200 million Indians watched SFVs at least once in 2020, with daily active users spending up to 45 minutes a day on these platforms.
Meanwhile, long-form videos (LFVs), which already has 350-400 million users watching it, is estimated to see a similar number of users by 2025.
Source report: Online video consumption in India, helped by the pandemic: Report - The Hindu
More details here at MSN news and Business Insider: Analysts predict India’s short form video market to have 650 million users by 2025 (