With new book, Shirish Nadkarni helps entrepreneurs to pave their way to success

September 30, 2021: After successfully creating multiple consumer businesses, entrepreneur Shirish Nadkarni has now embarked on a new journey as a writer , guiding his peers and aspiring entrepreneurs on how they can navigate through all phases of their tech startup journey and emerge successfully.
His new book, ‘From Startup to Exit’ is an insider’s guide on launching and scaling tech businesses to new highs.
With the spread of the pandemic, the technology landscape has changed drastically. The majority of the businesses have either moved to cloud technology or adopted artificial intelligence or machine learning enabling them to offer innovative technology based solutions. This development has also led to a surge in tech startups. As a result, India has emerged as a global digital hub, especially in the past year. From Startup to Exit revolves around the knowledge that pioneering serial entrepreneur Shirish Nadkarni has gained from over two decades of success, detailing the practical aspects of startup formation from founding, funding, management, and finding an exit. He was the co-founder of Livemocha — the world’s largest language learning site with 15+ million registered members from over 200 countries.
SaysNadkarni, says “In the past few years, the growth in India’s startup ecosystem has been phenomenal. Even the arrival of the pandemic did not dampen the trajectory for a majority of startups as the growth they witnessed during this period is extraordinary. My book, From Startup to Exit, talks about the three crucial aspects of running a startup successfully, i.e. how to achieve product market fit for their solution; how to develop a Go-to-Market strategy; how to raise funds from angels and VCs, and finally, how to scale the firm to eventually achieve an exit. In short, it covers all aspects of an entrepreneur’s journey.”
The book takes readers through his entrepreneurial journey and shares the lessons that he has learned through this journey. The book includes topics like the transformation of the global industry, the Impact of the pandemic, technology platform shifts, and lots more.
The author has been associated with the startup scene since 1999, a time when he decided to move on from Microsoft and begin his first firm. When he first started building his company, he noticed the deficit of books for beginners in the startup world. Hence, after almost 20 years now, he has written a guide for all new and experienced entrepreneurs to learn and grow.
‘From Startup to Exit’ is published by HarperCollins under the Microsoft Alumni Network imprint. It is already available to order from all leading bookstores.