Small businesses can go online for free with this AI-based solution

Kolkata:  August 21, 2021:  A new AI-based e-commerce platform, NDHGO, has created a platform for businesses of all size to setup their own professional online store in just 30 seconds at no additional cost.
The Kolkata headquartered retail-tech startup, by Senrysa Technologies, allows any business to seamlessly convert into a professional online e-commerce store. With a simple, intuitive and easy to use app, it provides the highest quality of customer experience. NDHGO aims to connect every seller to the economy by expanding its network to reach 2 million retail partners and 500 top Indian cities by 2022.
To create a basic free online store, NDHGO offers features such as online ordering system, multiple payment option, order management, coupons & discounts, professional store themes and custom delivery options, among others. In addition to the free features, it offers subscription based premium features to businesses and has collaboration with banks, NBFC & Fintech partners to promote profitable lending and working capital loan for businesses seeking financial support. The partners on the other hand gets an opportunity to extend their digital products to an expanded customer base. NDHGO is also constantly partnering with leading banks, such as HDFC, to provide exciting bank offers & discounts which will help in strengthening customer’s relation in a long run.
NDHGO brings innovative technologies and end-to-end solutions for grocery-supermarket, restaurants, F&B, fashion or any other business to revamp their operations effortlessly by developing their personalized online store in the form of a website or an app. Moreover, these stores will also have access to features like payments solutions, delivery integrations, bank & wallet offers and POS integration amongst others.
 Says NDHGO co- founder Kumar P. Saha: “The pandemic has a hard-hitting impact on neighborhood businesses as most of the consumers are turning towards e-commerce for their basic needs, seeking convenience and ensuring wellbeing by shopping from their homes. These changing times, evolving consumer needs and upgrading industry dynamics adversely affected traditional business due to the high cost and complexity of adapting technology. To sort out these strains, NDHGO has been sculpted on the learning and wisdom of decades and generations to empower the existing ecosystem through technology. Like e-commerce today, businesses adopting NDHGO can quickly upgrade their ways of doing business and adapt to the requisite phygital world to fulfil their consumers’ requirements with no technical hassles.”
Adds co-founder Viresh Oberoi: “NDHGO is a solution designed to bridge the gap between neighborhood businesses and their consumers. It will allow these players to take their trade online seamlessly, by creating their first fully functional e-store for free and within seconds. With over lakhs of options for catalogue building, it aids businesses to easily set-up their online store in easy DIY steps along with secured digital transactions and streamline delivery options for their shoppers. We did a pilot run across the country to test out our processes and systems, and the response was fantastic. Over a lakh of downloads in just two months from more than 100 cities.”
NDHGO is present across 100 cities and has helped over 1 lakh businesses using its platform till date.