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India unit of global Internet Governance Forum launched

New Delhi, August 10 2021: An India chapter of the United Nations-based Internet Governance Forum has been formed. It will serve as  a  policy discussion platform to bring representatives together from various groups, considering all at par to discuss public policy issues related to the Internet.
The India Internet Governance coordination committee includes Anil Kumar Jain as Chairman, TV Ramchandran as Vice-Chairman,  Jaijeet Bhattacharya as Vice-Chairman,  Rajat Moona as Vice-Chairman and approximately 12 members representing Government, Civil Society, Industries, Trust, Associations etc.
The India IGF will host its first conference planned for three days, starting October 20, with the them: Inclusive Internet for Digital India.
 Said Anil Kumar Jain, the Chairman of Coordination Committee, IIGF-21:  “India is the second-largest broadband subscription country in the world and also has the highest data consumption per user per month. The aspirations of the Indians should be reflected in International policy formation and stakeholder discussion. India Internet Governance Forum is the correct initiative for the country to ensure that the growth of broadband adheres to the lifestyle and requirements of the Indian community. IIGF 2021 is adopting the multi-stakeholder concept in organizing the event as per the true spirit of global IGF. The coordination committee has representation from civil society, Government, Industry, Industrial association, trust, and other stakeholders.” 
According to a June 2021 IAMAI Kantar-ICUBE 2020 report, India is likely to have
900 million active Internet users by 2025 as against around 622 millionin  2020,

registering a growth of about 45% in the next five years. It also finds that nine out
of ten active internet users access internet every day; On an average, they spend
around 107 minutes (1.8 hours) actively on the internet daily.