India's entries in world's Top500 supercomputers remain the same

30th June 2021
India's entries in world's Top500 supercomputers  remain the same

June 30 2021: India’s entries in the world’s Top500 ranking of supercomputers remains unchanged at the latest biannual list announced two days ago.
The three India- based super computers in the ranking have slipped a few places but they are the same that figured in the November 2020 list. 
All three systems have been acquired from international vendors. However, C-DAC is in partnership with France based ATOS to progressively assemble supercomputers in India and generate the required software.
The fastest platform in India at # 89, is the Param Sidhi AI – an NVIDIA DGX-A100 acquired from Atos, housed in the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) Pune and clocking 4.719 Petaaflops.( One  Peta or Pflop =1000 tera or TFlop)
At # 110 is  Pratyush, a Cray XC40 from Cray/HPE and  used by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, also in Pune. It clocks 3.7639 PFlops.
At rank # 187 is  Mihir, another Cray XC40 from Cray/HPE housed in Delhi at the National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting. Its  max speed is 2.5704 PFlops.

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