Pune-based startup offers world's biggest digital skills assessment platform

Pune, June 16, 2021:  iMocha has  laid claim to becoming the world’s largest AI-powered skills assessment platform.
The Pune-based startup's  platform is used extensively by  over 300 global clients including Fujitsu, 7-Eleven, Ericsson, Navy Federal Credit Union and  Capgemini  for pre-employment screening, IT & technical recruiting, university recruitment, lateral hiring, diversity hiring, and upskilling.
Using iMocha, and its 2000-plus skills library,  customers can assess candidates on skills such as Application Development, Cloud, Cyber Security, Digital Skills, Enterprise Applications, Infrastructure Management, Quality Assurance & Engineering, and Business Communication to name a few. They can build customized assessments or use pre-built ones to test candidates' skills objectively and accurately while reducing hiring time and costs by as much as 60%.
Says Satya Nadella, CEO – Microsoft: “We worked with a start-up, iMocha, where they built out this skilling API, which allows managers to be able to really increase the pace of hiring for the open jobs and the skills matching. So that’s the type of innovation we are seeing.”
Adds Amit Mishra, Co-founder & CEO – iMocha: “We are delighted that our rapid skill library development model has catapulted us to become the world’s largest AI-powered skills assessment platform. We meet all hiring requirements of our customers and enable them to assess candidates without any scope for bias. Moreover, our intelligent remote proctoring features have been a huge hit since remote hiring became a norm. We have deployed several game-changing innovations and more are in the pipeline that will further consolidate our leadership position.”