Palo Alto Networks beefs up it 'Zero Trust' solution

Bangalore,  May 25, 2021: Cyber security leader, Palo Alto has  introduced five key innovations that make it easier for customers to adopt Zero Trust* across their network security stack.
Says Anand Oswal, senior vice president, Firewall as a Platform, Palo Alto Networks : “The productivity of a hybrid workforce lies in the ability for users to move freely on and off the campus network and still securely access any applications or data from any device in any location. Enabling this seamless experience securely is one of the many promises of a Zero Trust architecture.”
* What is Zero Trust?  It means  trust nobody: Don’t leave your
business vulnerable by implicitly trusting users, devices, and apps. 

This week’s introduction of SaaS Security, Advanced URL Filtering, DNS Security, Cloud Identity Engine, and new ML-Powered Firewalls allow organizations to easily and effectively implement Zero Trust Network Security with four key benefits:
Secure access to the right applications: The first integrated Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that allows customers to proactively extend secure access to all SaaS applications, including those never seen before.
Secure access for the right users: The industry’s first Cloud Identity Engine allows customers to easily authenticate and authorize their users across enterprise networks, clouds and applications, irrespective of where their identity stores live.
Enhanced security: The Advanced URL Filtering service offers industry-first prevention of zero-day web attacks with inline machine learning capabilities. The expanded DNS Security capabilities prevent emerging DNS attacks that no other solution protects against.
Making secure access universally available: These new capabilities are designed to be available on all firewall form factors: hardware, software and cloud-delivered, making safe access universally available, regardless of where users are located. In addition to the existing firewalls, these innovations will run on new ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall models to enable Zero Trust Network Security across your enterprise — from the smallest branch offices (with the PA-400 Series) to the largest campuses and hyperscale data centres (with the PA-5450 platform).
Most of the hardware and all of the new features will be available in June. The smallest desktop firewall, the PA-410, will be available in late summer 2021. 
Information on Zero Trust Security here