Capgemini to offer engineering and R&D services under a new brand

09th April 2021
Capgemini to offer engineering and R&D services under a new brand

New Delhi, April 9 2021: Capgemini   has  brought its engineering and R&D expertise together  into a new brand:  'Capgemini Engineering’.
It leveragfes its 52,000 engineers and scientists and a presence in all major engineering hubs across the world, and also builds on the integration of Altran, one year on from its acquisition by Capgemini.
Capgemini Engineering will  help the largest innovators in the world engineer the products and services of tomorrow, and cope with disruption by embedding into products digital and software technologies.
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Says William Rozé, CEO of Capgemini Engineering and member of the Group Executive Committee said:“R&D is the new battlefield. It must be connected and data-driven to optimize innovation and accelerate development. Capgemini Engineering’s services have been devised to address exactly that need, to harness the power of data to foster innovation, create new customer experiences and deliver new sources of value.”|
In January 2021 Zinnov, a leading global management and strategy consulting firm, ranked Capgemini at the top of its ‘Leadership zone’ for its global Engineering, Research and Development (ER&D) services, highlighting that the combined entity has the largest global delivery network with a presence across all major engineering hubs.Numerous clients are also benefiting from Capgemini Engineering’s ability to implement technology at scale, its deep product engineering skills and extensive industry expertise. One such organization is Hyperloop TT, an innovative transportation and technology company developing a disruptive high-speed transportation system based on electromagnetic propulsion.
“We work with Capgemini Engineering to develop the first transportation breakthrough in a centuryand we value their top-tier engineering expertise in aerospace, aeronautics, and systems engineering. They provide us with a broad range of high-end services inmechanical and physical engineering, systems architecture, software development, as well as project management”said HyperloopTT CEO, Andres De Leon.
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