Digital dentist is here!

March 16, 2021: A new app  reduces the pain of dental work,  with  doorstep dentist, digital consultations etc.
Denta Mitra is a  digital dentist with state-of-art features like Doorstep dentist visit, 24x7 Video consultation, artificial intelligence-based scanner to diagnose teeth diseases, Enjoy dental treatment while watching movies on Netflix, sweet-score to measure daily sweet consumed, Oral hygiene reminders and e-prescription. Patients can also find nearby Dental clinic or Hospital from the app in case of emergency.
Services offered:
1. Book Expert Dentist for Doorstep visit along with a portable
clinic setup, through app, email and call.
2. 24x7 Video Consultation
3. Diagnosis of Oral diseases from app
4. Partnership model for dental clinics, dentists and empowering
them with digital dentistry.
5. Special Wedding and Event based Dental cosmetic Treatments
and Smile makeover.
6. Watch unlimited movies, series on Netflix during treatment
7. Sleeping Dentistry for people or kids who are afraid of dentists
and surgeries.
8. Sparkling Teeth care and Cavity prevention through LED Teeth
Whitening and Advanced Water flossing.
9. Kids Dentistry at home for ensuring kids smile.
10.Geriatric Dentistry for Senior people’s Oral care at home.
11. E-Prescription to manage Oral health records on cloud.
Denta Mitra also offers Patient Management Application to Dental Hospitals and Clinics as Software As A Service.

Link to Android app here ( IOS also available)