HP at CES signals sea change in how PC is used today

Continuing our survey of Technology at CES 2021... HP
January 16 2020: What’s new at HP is what’s new with the PC. Over the past year, we’ve experienced a sea change in the way we use our laptops and desktops. Companies have shifted from a small slice of remote workers to having the majority of their employees working from home. HP’s big CES 2021 announcements revealed new designs and innovations to address today’s jaw-dropping work-from-home statistics.
Half the global workforce is now remote
- We now work 7 more hours per week on home PCs than we did last year, when most of us were going to the office daily
- More than 50% of us battle noise during meetings from our pets, loved ones, and other sources
- 72% of us want a hybrid remote and onsite work model in the future
We collaborate more
- 30x increase in daily Zoom meetings
- 64% jump in Microsoft Teams use
-  Massive teleconferencing growth
The IT landscape shifted, too. More than 25% of small businesses say their IT needs aren’t being met, and 91% of IT decision-makers report a sharp jump in security issues.
Micromobility to the forefront
Tech micromobility means that shorter boot times and changes in the way our laptops act are now vital productivity boosters. We’re not exactly working on planes, trains, or cafe tables anymore.
Instead, we’re carving out a quiet niche in our own home; on the couch, in the kitchen, or in an upstairs bedroom. Since the noise and distraction levels change constantly in our work-from-home reality, we need this new “micromobility” to move around from one room to another.
 The PC has never been more essential, so this year at  CES 2021, HP Inc. is launching computing innovations essential to how and where people experience work and life. HP  has unveiled new devices and solutions designed to power hybrid work environments and growing personal creative studios. 
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