Indian social networking app, Forpose to go worldwide next month

Hyderabad, December 19 2020: Forpose Pvt. Ltd., a leading SaaS (Software as a Service) developer, based out of Hyderabad, India,  has  announced the launch of an indigenous social networking app named Forpose. 
The beta version of Forpose went live in August, 2020, and now the full-scale launch is set to happen at the start of 2021, across 100 countries.
As a social networking platform, the app will not just connect people, but create new business opportunities for the fashion sector. And with a broad focus on privacy, the Forpose app is set to solve the challenges users face while using current social networks.
Forpose is the first social media platform that has disabled in-app screenshots and offers users the choice to block messages from non-follower:  no one can screenshot a user’s images, pictures, moments, or chats.
In-line with other social networking platforms, the Forpose app consists of a news feed with image and video sharing, tagging, etc., along with Moments to share byte-sized content. The platform has in-built chatting capabilities, but privacy is the key benchmark where it outperforms other players.
Says Founder & CEO, Salman Khan: There are both good and bad sides to the internet. Influencers, for example, are harassed, by some miscreants and spammers. On the Forpose App, users can choose whether or not they want to receive messages from non-followers. This enables a spam-less and far more secure social networking ecosystem for our users.”
The beta version of the app went live on 15th August, 2020 for Android and iOS. The app was tested via over 200,000 users and received quite a positive feedback.