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Matrix offers video based parking solution

November 21 2020: Matrix SATATYA SAMAS is Parking Lot Video Surveillance, which prevents people from parking haphazardly, parking in restricted areas, parking in others’ slots, moving in a wrong direction and gives real–time status of vacant parking spaces. This Matrix Parking Management Solution has been designed to streamline the parking for modern organizations and to eliminate the parking woes. It can be integrated with Matrix Access Control Solution to monitor the movement of the vehicle, right from the entry of the vehicle to its exit from the premises. As a result, situations like haphazard parking, parking in restricted areas, parking in other’s slots, vehicles moving in the wrong direction are prevented, and giving the real-time status of vacant parking spaces helps people in dissolving the chaos.
With growing security threats, premises are getting more and more vulnerable. Lot of thefts and crime these days take place due to unchecked entry of unauthorized vehicles in to the premises. With no system in place to keep checks on the vehicles entering and leaving, miscreants have a free run without fear of being caught. This result in huge losses especially for manufacturing organizations, where large amounts of raw materials and finished goods kept in the open are stolen. To keep a tab on such incidents, Matrix Video Surveillance provides License Plate Recognition with Blacklisting and White Listing, which can identify every number plate approaching the entry gate and provide access only to the authorized ones. It not only prevents unauthorized vehicles from entering, but also gives you a count of the number of vehicles entering or leaving the premises.

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