Sip safely with this tool, when using restaurant glasses

Pune, November 18 2020: The Covid lockdown – now into its ninth month – has unleashed creativity in many unusual ways, many to help protect onself against the dread virus. One elegant but very useful idea has been transformed into a compelling product by  serial entrepreneur Rohit Warrer,   founder -director of Pune based Warrier Safe Shields.
This is a handy  attachment that snaps on to a  drinking glass or cup and helps you sip the contents without putting mouth to the rim… a very important consideration if you  are forced to drink in a restaurant or  hotel these days.
The Sippline  is a light plastic-like shield that clips on to glass or cup and is made from food grade material. It is heat resistant and dishswasher-safe and comes in  sealed pouch. It clips on  fairly easlly to most drinking glassed and ceramic cups – but may not work with thick- walled mugs.
The idea is for one to carry a Sippline  when  eating out and using it whenever one is forced to  us a glass supplied by the establishment.  It is advisable that  only one person uses a Sippline.
The Sippline website  is not very helpful when it comes to buying the product or pointing you at a seller.  In fact it asks you to fill a form! However we found it at Amazon where it sells in packs of 5 for Rs 288. That works out at less than Rs 60 a piece – well worth the price for the protection it provides. Smaller or larger  quantities can be purchased from the  main Warrier website.