Gym app, Traqade helps reopen in a contactless environment

August 2, 2020: Traqade by Gympik- India’s leading gym management software, has recently upgraded its software & mobile app to enable fitness centre owners reopen safer than ever.
The new normal is here to stay as gyms will not be re-opening to the world as it used to be. According to Gympik's member survey, once COVID-19 is contained and gyms are reopened, 60% of fitness consumers are expected to demand both online & on-premise fitness formats. Fitness enthusiasts are anxious yet nervous to return. They are re-assessing the way they have been interacting with fitness centres and a demand for a contactless member experience has surfaced.
In the post COVID world, a safe, seamless & contactless fitness experience will be a big competitive advantage. Given the new reality, Gympik has made major tech updates to their B2B offering -Traqade, to enable fitness businesses reopen safely by delivering a truly contactless gym experience with slot booking, no-touch check-ins, digital payments & quality virtual training. Traqade's web interface allows center owners to enhance their business efficiency by turbocharging repetitive, slow, and manual processes with built-in automations and industry best practices. Whereas, the mobile app acts as a smart retention & marketing tool to elevate the member experience at the centre. Available on both Google Play Store & App store, the member app works in tandem with the web interface to equip centers to manage better & train smarter. Backed by Traqade’s smart tech stack, it is now super easy for fitness centers to adopt & implement tech-enabled, low/no-touch experiences at their center to safeguard the members & staff from unnecessary exposure and contact.
The major upgrades are as follows -

  • Slot Based Pre Bookings Via Mobile App:-For the post-lockdown measures in Unlock 3.0 that gyms will have to take to keep members & staff safe-  Traqade has introduced a ‘slot booking’ feature in their member app that allows members to pre-book their workout slots online to avoid the rush& unregulated walk-ins. This feature gives full control to the centers to implement tech-enabled social distancing by restricting member capacity for the day/week/month to ensure they practice safe social distancing while working out. The mechanism also gives the gym staff adequate time between each slot to sanitize and disinfect any equipment or space before the next batch arrives. No fancy hardware. No extra software. The only thing the members need to do is to book a slot via Traqade App and show up on time.
  • No Touch Check-ins: The widely used access control solution for the fitness industry is ‘biometric devices’ but it requires multiple contacts on the same surface thereby exponentially increasing the risk of virus transmission by putting members and staff at risk. Traqade by Gympik has introduced QR code based access control mechanism to enable members & staff check themselves in via QR codes on the app. Indeed an absolutely, 100% hygienic, simple, &corona safe check-in solution during this crisis.
  • Contactless Training: Traqade’s quality virtual training integration allows centres to go digital and connect their virtual/online members to their Traqade account in just 1 click. It enables centres to scale their online training business by enabling them to manage their online memberships from the same software they were using earlier to manage on-premise memberships without any extra additional cost or training. This integration allows them to track trainer’s virtual training schedule with a built-in calendar & manage online appointments easily. Additionally, automated SMS & email reminder triggers help in avoiding no shows. 
  • Contactless Payments: The right payment solution is key to this sustainable & seamless contactless ecosystem. Powered by Instamojo, Traqade’s digital payment infrastructure enables members to pay via using payment links, thereby eliminating the risk of droplets & germs transmission via cash and cards

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