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Bloggers' day out

March 16; 09; BANGALORE: A Blog Camp held in Bangalore last week, drew nearly 150 practitioners -- from beginners to veterans -- in the field of New Media. Orgaanised by the Indian Blog and New Media Society ( ) a not-for-profit grouping of all stakeholders in the blog and new media space from India, the camp saw bloggers exchange ideas and draw inspiration from each others triumphs( and let's face it, some tragedies) in the emerging arena of Web 2.0. Ajay Jain, the prime mover behind the camp, delivered some golden rules on how bloggers and public relations people could enrich each other ( we are not talking of moolah!) professionally.

Anand Parthasarathy who moved to the Web recently after reporting on IT for The Hindu newspaper for 15 years, shared his take on why it might soon be time to make a small but sharp push from print to web. Amit Gupta suggested why blogging should not be just an English language activity and Ashish Gupta of Helion Advisors explained what the venture capitalists looked increasingly at bloggers as a valid opportunity.

The day long event was made possible by the genorosity of Seagate .

Copies of all presentations have been promised at