The Hyderabad-based Rizzle team
Video app Rizzle offers help to Indian creators

Hyderabad, July 6 2020: Rizzle,  a short videos app for opinions, talk shows, skits, vlogs, and other talk related content has launched the Million Stars Rizzle Programme to help Indian app creators.    
Selected creators will receive assistance from expert creator advisors to get their channels started. They will be part of a special group of creators who receive channel theme advice, channel reviews and feedback, regular webinars about app features and Q&A, opportunities to host shows, and have their channels featured on the platform.
For the first 1000 qualified creators, Rizzle is offering monetary assistance through sponsorship coupons which their fans can use to sponsor their channel on Rizzle. This will directly enable them to bootstrap monetization on their Rizzle channels. All creators from India are welcome to apply:  Download the app